Small Business Help on Forming the Business

Guide to start a small business including resources on how to form, name, get insurance, get EIN, and identify small business requirements.

How to Choose the Type of Business from Small Business Adminstration

This article provides small business help on choosing the type of business. It is very detailed and comprehensive. If you are a straight shooter who just wants the facts laid out without any fluff, here it is. You may not want to read this while in bed. I recommend early in the morning after your third cup of coffee. Enjoy!

More Information on How to Choose the Type of Business from

I included this article from because it incorporates feedback and advice from small business owners on choosing the type of business. The article talks about hearing horror stories and wishing that they have solicited expert advice prior to choosing a business structure.  Don't be a star in the next horror story. Thread carefully.

EIN. From

Do you need an EIN for my business? The topics involving EIN and IRS are very serious matters. No jokes or jabs now from me. Here is the article.

How to Choose a Business Name and Protect it from Small Business Administration

Where do you check if you could use the business name you want and protect the name?  This is another article from the small business administration. This time they added a picture of a hand soap dispenser, and is that a hand cream? Nice touches.