General Marketing for Small Business

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General Marketing. From

Small business marketing 101. This is a great article from on overall marketing for your small business. Branding, services, promotions, products, pricing, prints, blogs, advertising, research, and social media. It's the combination of these marketing platform that would help your business grow. The article reminds small business owners that customers need to hear your brand, brand, brand!  The article covers at a high level the need for online marketing and using adwords for visibility. But the article goes beyond online marketing and covers some basic marketing strategies that small business owners sometimes forget. We shouldn't underestimate the power of creating local awareness and creating a network, and offering coupons and discounts to friends and people we know. A happy customer will come back and tell other people about you.

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This article provides 23 lead generation strategies for your small business. A list of 23 strategies may be overwhelming. But as what the article states, some strategies are more suited for certain types of businesses than others.  A good start then is to skim through the list and identify those that you think are more suited for the type of your business.  The article provides a great comprehensive list. Create a prioritize list and focus on the higher priorities. Try the strategies, analyze results, modify strategies as needed, implement changes, track results and continue. Persistence pays off.  They key is to not be doing EXACTLY the same thing over and over hoping to get a different result next time.